palletizer sheets liners

Sheets are used as pallet liners, slip sheets with tabs, or tie sheets and top caps

TopTier offers comprehensive sheet handling capabilities. Freezer separator sheets that facilitate air flow are handled. Sheet insertion equipment is used to place an empty pallet onto a half load allowing double stack loads.


  • Pallet liners are inserted with a horizontally travelling vacuum pick and place device
  • Tie sheets, freezer sheets, slip sheets, and top caps are inserted with a vertically and horizontally travelling vacuum pick and place device capable of placing a sheet at any level of the load
  • Sheets inserted at load build position for unitized loads
  • Tie sheet inserters can be equipped with up to three pick positions allowing separate sheet styles
  • Low Infeed: Sheets are loaded into a 18" capacity drawer and safely loaded during palletizer operations
  • High Infeed: Sheet inserter mounted above or at mezzanine level. The mezzanine level device is manual loaded with up to 18" of sheets with one or two bins available. Bins may be loaded at ground level and positioned with a forklift. Optional lift device is available to raise sheet stack to the upper level position.
  • Sheet bin loading with no interruption of operations
  • Sheet size less than 60" in either dimension including 2, 3 or 4 tab models
  • Capacity of 18" of sheets