palletizer pallet dispenser

Pallet dispenser provides safe and secure single pallet release

Empty pallet handling consists of a pallet dispenser and systems to position a pallet at the load build. Pallets used by the CPG industry vary in quality, height and design. Empty pallets can be difficult to reliably transport due to inconsistencies in the pallet base. To help compensate for irregularities in pallet quality TopTier offers three different styles of pallet dispensing each with a “lift and separate” design to reliably support the pallet stack. The most commonly used dispenser is designed for 4-way entry 40x48 pallets only. TopTier offers two other designs to accommodate multiple pallet dimensions and styles.

Features / Options*

  • Empty pallet pushing and squaring of the empty pallet in the load build
  • Forks extend and retract into the pallet opening to accommodate 2-way entry pallets
  • Light curtain protection of dispenser load position
  • Empty pallet loading does not impact palletizer operations
  • 12 to 20 pallet capacity
*Features and options described are application specific.