palletizer shipping

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

A Factory Acceptance Test is performed with the customer’s product prior to shipment. Palletizer performance is reviewed and approved by the customer either on-site or using video.


Palletizers are completely assembled and performance tested prior to shipment. Once testing is complete, the machine is separated into major components sufficient to be shipped in a standard semi-trailer truck. All components are match marked to assist in re-assembly at the end user facility. Forklift pockets are integrated into all major components for easy handling.


Palletizers are designed to be installed by end users with experience in the installation of industrial equipment. The installation manual provides clear and comprehensive instructions, including:

  • Unloading
  • Positioning
  • Attachment of Optional Equipment
  • Electrical and Pneumatic Connections
  • Alignment
  • Start-up
  • Final Set-up

Installation by TopTier technicians is available. A typical installation requires approximately 10 hours per machine.

Start-up Assistance

TopTier offers comprehensive on site start-up and training service. Service includes complete inspection of the installation work performed to assure the palletizer is in proper operating condition.


On-site training covers the safety, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance aspects of the palletizer as they pertain to the plant operators, the maintenance team, and plant engineering groups. Training is performed at the palletizer while it is in operation.