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RoboTier provides a new level of capabilities and performance - all with no robot programming. Robot palletizing has become an increasingly accepted alternative to traditional layer palletizing, but the solution is not without challenges. Typical robot palletizing experiences limits on products that can be handled, performance issues with deviations in product uniformity, special training to handle complexities of robot programming, large footprint, custom integration, and the expense of support; all these shortcomings have been eliminated by RoboTier.

RoboTier utilizes end of arm tooling that supports product from the bottom, allowing higher speed robot motion and advanced product handling security. Bottom support offers a significant improvement over typical robot product handling methods such as vacuum top picking that is less flexible and secure, and clamping systems that necessitate looser loads.

Bottom support is achieved by assembling layers on an apron with products loosely spread to allow removal of the bottom support tool. Loose spreading allows faster robot speeds, as exact product placement is not critical. Once a layer is completed, four-sided clamping centers the layer on the pallet and a tight uniform layer is deposited. Vertical travel capabilities of the apron reduce robot reach requirements allowing use of the smaller, faster, and more economical Fanuc M-710 robot. The layer apron also provides a queuing platform for continued layer building while optional concurrent stretch wrapping occurs.

RoboTier product handling innovations are enhanced by advanced controls architecture for robot palletizing. A Fanuc controller with very simple code that cannot be modified directs robot motion based on PLC instructions. In effect, the robot is an electronic slave to the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC master controller and AB 12" PC Color touchscreen HMI. All automatic and manual palletizer functions are controlled using the HMI touchscreen; robot controls training or experience is unnecessary. Industry leading CAPE PACK load building software installed on the PC HMI allows adding new loads quickly and easily without PLC or robot programming. Additional controls information...

Safety was designed in from the beginning to meet all industry standards utilizing a Category III safety cage frame design with light curtain protection of load exit, redundant hoist fall protection, Fanuc safety systems, and fiber optic breach detection circuit.

RoboTier solutions are pre-engineered for value by utilizing TopTier modular accessories to meet nearly any low to moderate speed palletizing requirement. Models are available in high or low product infeed in single or dual line configurations. Standard RoboTier palletizers handle cases, bags, bundles, and trays.

RoboTier models include automated pallet dispensing and handle any product from 6" to 36" up to 60 lbs at speeds to 40 per minute. The RoboTier footprint is 105" x 90". RoboTier options include sheets and liners, labels out, concurrent stretch wrap, and custom tooling to handle unique product.

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