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New key innovations presented at PackExpo 2013

Controlled Entry Safety:
Operator access to the interior of the palletizers integral safety cage frame system is controlled by Category IV rated safety devices that remained locked until a safe condition is confirmed by the Safety Controller. Controlled entry is part of our standard comprehensive safety protocol that also includes redundant protection for gravity induced hazards and removal of all high voltage outside the control panel prior to any entrance into the safety cage other than through the load exit light curtain. Should the load exit light curtain be breached, an e-stop occurs initiating the same actions as request for entrance does in the controlled entrance scenario.
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With Hybrid Servo Control, all drives include encoder based postitioning feedback inputting into servo drives that operate standard EuroDrive gearmotors. Servo drives acting as VFD's provide unparalleled control of palletizer device movements with exceptionally simple maintenance. The hybrid servo drives are essentially invisible to operators and maintenance personnel as the AB PLC manages all positioning functions through Ethernet communications to the drives. A failed drive can be replaced in minutes and upon re-start, all drive programming automatically downloads to the drive. Compared to any alternative technology, TopTier has the most energy efficient, safest and user friendly drive system available.
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PerfectPattern™ technology assures all products are properly turned and accurately positioned during row build operations. Should a product be defectively orientated or improperly positioned, the PerfectPattern system will stop operations for simple operator intervention prior to row transfer. Accurate patterns are achieved in combination with bi-parting apron designs with four sided self-centering electric layer conditioning utilizing encoder feedback for accurate layers regardless of product type. View video

Concurrent Stretch Wrapping technologies provides error free wrapping with multiple load containment options. Should the film brake during wrapping, the system automatically recovers including re-wrapping the film brake area without operator intervention. Film cut and wipe automatically adjusts to any load size, assuring reliable film tail treatment. View video

Other features include positive empty pallet handling that accurately slides empty pallets into position using two sided squaring, 12" HMI with icon based navigation, comprehensive intuitive screens, and small palletizer footprint relative to capabilities. All-electric models are available in high and low infeed versions with speed capabilities of 1 to 6 layers a minute. Concurrent wrap models are available with 1 to 3 layers per minute capabilities.

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Model: L7
Lower Level Infeed
Higher Speed Palletizer
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