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The high infeed DS series is the fastest of the TopTier line, achieving rates of up to 8 layers per minute.
DS Series Palletizer Features

Infeed: 108"; 144" optional
80" x 80" base unit footprint, plus ancillary components
Multiple infeed and pallet exit options
Finished pallet to 80" tall - optional to 110"
Case rates to 8 layers per minute depending on model and layer patterns
Case size from 6" to 24" in either
dimension - other size options possible
Layer weights of 300 pounds - optional to 1000 lbs
Up to 99 different patterns stored
No changeover between patterns
Column or interlocked stacks
Simple new pattern programming
Redundant contact safety monitoring
Dual (upper / lower) 12" touch screens standard
Integrated non-concurrent stretch wrapping
Pallet dispensing for non-standard pallet sizes and types
Lift and Rotate and differential speed case rotation for
labels-out or large cases
Tie sheet insertion
Slip sheet insertion

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